My name is Anthony, a biology undergraduate, a martial artist, a friend, a son, a blogger, etc., etc. But, foremost, I’m a thinker. I really hope that didn’t come off as too pretentious. I’m not proud of my pensiveness, really. It’s not as if I think up any good ideas–I’m not the next Einstein, nor the next Roald Dahl. I mostly have this one, nagging, fundamentally useless thought: What’s this all forWell, I don’t always think it up so cleanly. Sometimes it furtively burrows its way into my other thoughts. Is this the right career for me? I ask. But deeper down lingers, Is any career for me? What’s the point of anything? I guess I’m in the midst of what some have called an existential crisis. But, as defined, an existential crisis is fleeting; this is not. So join me on my journey through what I like to call my protracted existential crisis, as I search for meaning in this organized absurdity called life.




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